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Gabriel Orozco at MoMA

December 13, 2009 - 9:28pm -- Carol Diehl
From the Samurai Tree series, IM (2006), egg tempera on red cedar panel with gold leaf, 21 5/8 x 21 5/8"

What is most important is not so much what people see in the gallery or the museum, but what people see after looking at these things, how they confront reality again.
–Gabriel Orozco.

Some artists would be better off wthout retrospectives. Coming across
Also check out Deborah Sontag’s review in Friday’s Times and Holland Cotter's review today (12/14/09).


Interesting – because I too have only seen individual works and assumed an ensemble would be impressive. But sometimes the parts are greater than the whole. Although I can remember a few years ago watching an Art 21 on the artist and being a little disturbed at just how scattered his approach was (I’d always seen much more of a program to the sliced Citroen, the circular pool table, etc).

So your response confirms my worst suspicions really.

But how would you rate this show against the Urs Fischer survey?

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some other important reviews need to be read to be able to understand the dimension of Gabriel Orozco's work and retrospective: Peter Schjeldhal in The New Yorker, Christian Viveros-Faune in the Village Voice, Nancy Princenthal in Art in America and Morgan Falconer in Burlington Magazine.

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