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As seen in the Tube:

April 3, 2009 - 10:24pm -- Carol Diehl
Only in England would anyone think to use Iggy Pop to flog auto insurance. I'm still not sure what the connection is.


I here that Iggy learned how to drive very late in life. I finally got to see The Stooges live at Jones Beach Theater a few years ago and it was an awesome show. However, when it comes to shilling products, Iggy's face would repel me rather than lure me to buy the thing. "Hi I'm Iggy. I used to cut myself with shards of glass on stage and wear swastikas and swing my dick around at the audience. You can trust me. Buy this stuff I am shilling right now!"

Wonderfully inventive; who cares what the connection is! It reminds me of living in London a few years back and regularly passing a large billboard advertising The Simpson's television show. There was Bart, writing on the blackboard (as from the opening sequence of the show), "Britian is not my war bitch." Only in England, indeed.

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