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August 5, 2010 - 11:16am -- Carol Diehl
Thanks for the comments!

My big news is that I’m making the switch to Mac. I know, I know….
Reactions from friends and family have been ecstatic:

“It’s about time!”
“Praise the Lord!” (son Matt)

Everyone describes me as the quintessential Mac person, whatever that looks like. Is it my haircut? I said to friend Scott that it’s as if I just came out of the closet and everyone’s acting as if I was the last to know.

“Yes,” he said, “except now we’re all going back to PCs.” Scott’s allergies are making him (even) more perverse than usual.

PS: For those of you who care as much about Arcade Fire as I do, they’re streaming their Madison Square Garden concert tonight on YouTube at 10:00 EST. The urge to rush to the steaming city and try to buy a scalped ticket on the street is almost unsquelchable. 


Welcome to the Mac fold. You'll find it's no better or worse than PC. I've been a dedicated Mac user for over two decades and I'm tired of Apple's bs. It is, however, prettier.

And yes, "The Suburbs" what a great album. Highly recommend seeing them live if you haven't. Really amazing stage stow.

Ha-ha, big joke on me. I could only watch the Arcade Fire concert on my PC. When I tried it on my Apple products, YouTube sent me a message that said "Video disabled by owner." And only that video, not others. Makes no sense to me, but that's what happened. I had it all set up to stream through my flat screen but...ended up watching it on the itty bitty screen of my old PC laptop. Oh well.

It looks as if it was the best concert ever. I shoulda just gone to NY.

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